SORTSIND – What we know…

sortsindtopSORTSIND – What we know…
Sortsind was formed in 1996 as a studio project. The band recorded all their songs over a period of 3 years. After the release of their first album “Sår” in October of 1998, Sortsind began work on their next album.

But recording was cut short when the bass/synth/piano player “Smerte” suddenly killed herself in the spring of 1999.

The EP “Tomhed”, which had already been prepped was released shortly after and Sortsind was disbanded.

vanvidIn 2005 Blut & Eisen released the compilation “Vanvid” that contained two previously unreleased tracks (“Fanget I et sygt sind” & “Det syge sind”) that Sortsind had recorded for their intended second album.

Sortsind “Vanvid” Blut & Eisen
Available  in sleazeotekets Music Kiosk!


Svig & Smerte acoustic session: LISTEN HERE!

Svig & Smerte acoustic jam session. Recorded on a ghettoblaster in the summer of 1997 in Avignon, France. (Curtesy of X. Member)

sortsind sar

Sortsind “Sår” Audio CD Total play time 51:37 Available in Sleazeotekets Music Kiosk!


Sortsind “Tomhed” 4 Track Ep 33rpm 7″ Vinyl Available in Sleazeotekets Music Kiosk!

Lastly X. Member who has overseen the distribution of Sortsind’s music since their breakup has passed on a previously unreleased track to the Danish record company “At War For Noise”. There is no release date yet but I will update this article when I know more.

Jesper Michelsen

SORTSIND “Fanget I Et Sygt Sind” Audio file Listen Here!

Miss Haslan-Nohut artwork created for Sortsind but never used

Miss Haslan-Nohut

Miss Haslan-Nohut artwork 1996

Sortsind Undead

Miss Haslan-Nohut artwork -1997


Miss Haslan-Nohut painting 1997

Miss Haslan-Nohut

Miss Haslan-Nohut painting 1997


Miss Haslan-Nohut “Fald” – 1998